Sunday, May 3, 2009

Home improvements

Doggies in their new yard.

She was so excited to find this toy in the yard.

Donkeys next door.

Annie investigating the donkeys from the pond.

Creek in the backyard.

More creek.

New sealer on the deck, house paiting coming next.

Pretty sunset in the back.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Triathlon

Debating the best way to enter the chilly lake.

I can finally see the end!!!

Almost there!

Finishing the bike part.

Just finished the swim and ready to bike!

So nice to have warm clothes after a chilly swim!

That's my frozen cold red arm....we were the only ones without wetsuits!

Chilly waters!!!

We are so proud of ourselves!!!


Sunday, March 8, 2009


This is Katinka with her new toy I made her. It's a water bottle filled with cat nip that I poked various holes in with a needle, wrapped with a sock, and then tied shut with ribbon and a bell. As you can see she goes crazy for it!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's day

Wahoo! Last one in...hehe that's what she said!

Evil plotting of how to tumble over the biggest tower we've made yet.

Most impressive, we used all 60 blocks.

With the new house he'll need one of these.

Sunrise and Seattle from the ferry.

Best sunrise from the ferry yet.

A cake I quickly threw together for a surprise baby shower at work.

Mid February

So in case you haven't heard two big pieces of news. First, Mike bought a house and we are anxiously awaiting for all the last minute processes and papers to go through. Hopefully we will be able to move in by the middle of March or maybe earlier. I will take pictures the next time we are there, but here are some from the add.
This is the front :)
Here's the living room, with all the owners clutter.
The kitchen, that will be getting new counters when we move in.

The beautiful beam between the kitchen and living room.

The dinning room with a pellet stove and bay window.

The front yard, minus the lawn ornaments of trucks.
The shop...wait until you see the inside!

The deck with seats like at my parent's house. Can't wait for summer!

Fruit trees in the backyard.

The backyard with koi pond on the left in front of the bench. Behind the trees straight back is a small creek and next door we're pretty sure will have some lifestock.......the dogs are going to go bonkers!
Second piece of news, I did a couple interviews the week of my birthday, one on my birthday, and I was given a promotion, raise, and benefits!!! I will no longer be a health information technician. I will become a scheduler/patient services representative in our orthopetics department. So I will be scheduling appointments for our bone doctors and getting patients checked in. I am very excited to finally be in a career position! Perfect timing since I will be graduating soon, and we just bought a house. Hope everyone is doing well!